Practice, Service & Love with Michael Beckwith

Video Transcript

Jeff: Ok, here, here’s one thing, Reverend Michael. What if there is so much willingness opening our arms? And when it comes to the question, what can I let go of? There is so much resistance as knowing why it’s. Thank you so much, sir.

Michael: Resistance is the effort that it takes to block a new idea. So what you do is you become aware of the frequency of resistance. You just take your attention and you raise the vibration of resistance. Everything is energy. So resistance is a coagulated energy is trying to block your growth development. And so when you actually look at it with the intention of growing, you actually look at resistance and you look at are you embrace it, it will begin to break down. Remember the observer effect, as discussed by scientists, that anything you observe changes on a subatomic level just based on your observation of it. Now, when you add that you’re willing to grow and unfold, you’re placing the observer effect on steroids, the resistance. We don’t deny it. We embrace it. We look at it and you’ll begin to see the lies that are inherent within your resistance. There may be lines of lack of self-worth. There’ll be lines of I’m going to lose more than I’m going to gain if I actually go forward. Maybe lies of I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough. You’ll you’ll unpack the lies that are inherent within the resistance. I don’t have to give it to you. You’ll see it.

And once you see those lies, they start to lose their power in you because you’ve busted you’ve seen them before. They were acting unconsciously and thwarting your unfoldment. We want you to embrace resistance. And you look at it, we observe it, you start to see the lies, you tell yourself and you’ll start to unravel and you start to have more freedom. This is all practice and it’s not. That practice makes perfect is the practice of perfection. That makes perfect because many people have practiced fear and worry and doubt they have it. We’ve created an art form of it, you’re practicing perfection, but vision is trying to emerge deep feeling, tone of love, feeling of willingness to be practicing those steps until your baseline is raised and you’re living in states more and more.

Jeff: This person says when you’re in this state of vision, what do you do when your vision keeps changing? And also how do you keep yourself from the negativity to come into action when you envision process?

Michael: What we didn’t do, because obviously, because of the limited period of time you get a piece of paper and you actually write down your insights around around your vision.

 So you actually anchor it with your tactile fingers, writing visual, reading it out loud. So you actually hear it.

 After a while, there’ll be a theme that emerges that will be it’ll be the baseline of the vision for your life. Now, in that vision, there may be a lot of gifts, a lot of tributaries that you can participate in, but you will begin to discover that there’s a main theme for you. You built upon that main thing, the negativity, it’s just like resistance, we just notice it, but you don’t give it any power, meaning you don’t try to make it go away, because whatever you’ve heard the statement, whatever it is that you resist, persists. If you fight it, you amplify it. So you just notice this negative thought. Oh, this this negative chatter. You just notice it, that’s all.

And you’re noticing it. It starts to lose its power because you’re not engaging it. See, again, this is all part of your spiritual practice.

 Maybe we have time for one more here. The person has an interesting question. Can you speak about the space where the plan is no longer specifically defined, but simply a state of being and presence?

Well, that stage for the state of being, we have a starting to have a realization that you’re born with all life now in that state of being. And because you’ve taken a human incarnation and there’s some gift that you are to give, individuals rarely take a human connection just to stay. Instead of being they become teachers, they enter into some level of service from that state of being. In other words, we’re not here to become ascended masters. We’re here to become decent masters. That is, if you take a human incarnation at MIT, that means that you’re bringing an energy to the planet. So, yes, we’re here to be in that state of motion, this space connection.

And then there is movement that that infinite energy then moves for a musician and becomes music for a choreographer.

It becomes dance for an architect. It becomes a new way to bring energy to building. You see, to a teacher, it becomes inspiration to share knowledge. You see, to a mother, it becomes the activation of a great degree of safety for her child and creating a space for the child to unfold to the greater. Yet the for a dad, very similar with the vibration of of of of balancing, obviously the masculine feminine. So you carry the same frequency of safety protection as well. So that state of being is definitely to be lived there, but it doesn’t come without action. It’s called divine right action. So the action emanates from the state of which I hope I answered your question.