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Effortless Mindfulness:

Deepening Your Practice

Navigate your inner terrain and find your way to the innately peaceful, loving, creative flow of awakened awareness within you

6-session LIVE online course. Every other week for 3 months with optional peer groups on alternating weeks.  For those who want  to go into depth with glimpse practices and get fine-tuned guidance from Loch 

New Practice Group Starting Nov 10th

This course is for those who have attended a course, retreat, or online class with Loch or read one of his books. It is not to exclude beginners, but to support those who want to deepen their glimpse practices.

In each session, Loch will guide you through glimpse practices to give you a direct experience of shifting into awakened, open-hearted awareness. These practices will be interspersed with talks and plenty of time for Q&A. Optional peer groups will meet during alternate weeks for practice and support at a variety of days and times.

Feedback from Loch's most recent course

I'm 71 years old, a former Catholic priest, a retired science writer, and I've been doing deep spiritual work since I was 14. Effortless Mindfulness feels like both a summation and an acceleration of everything I've learned. Thank you for making this wonderful experience available. ~ John H

The unhooking from thinking is so simple and effective, and I love the playing with local awareness. I also found the way Loch works with emotions and with 'parts' incredibly helpful and new to me. Andy J

What a treat and wonderful deepening experience for me. Being able to spend this much time with Loch in this format has really helped me to deep and stabilize in awareness. After studying Loch’s work for years, attending some Weekend retreats in person and participating in a local study group this format is what I needed to more quickly help me move beyond blocks and really stabilize a greater amount of time. Truly a life changing experience!!  Mary C

After many years of dedicated deliberate mindfulness practice, I've learned through this course how to take the next step into living more continuously from a place of awake awareness. Rather than striving to create various states of mindfulness and concentration, etc., I'm learning to tune into the awake awareness that encompasses all that arises in consciousness. Landon H

A Letter from Loch

I would like to invite you to join me in this 6 session intimate opportunity to support your awakening. It is a great opportunity at this time in our history to go deeper and access this resource that has been called “the ultimate medicine.” In this course we will use the simple map and glimpses from The Way of Effortless Mindfulness to navigate your own consciousness from the feeling of a small separate self to living as an open-hearted awake being. This community support course will bring you together with other people from around the world who are practicing this unique approach. We will meet for 2 hours, every other Tuesday starting November 10th.  Each session will start with glimpse practices, then go to individual Q & A and fine tuning to keep your unfolding awakening embodied.   In the course of a 2 hour session I am able to answer as many questions as in a weekend retreat.  Awakening is learnable, teachable and livable with some helpful pointers focused on recognizing, realizing, stabilizing and expressing. I hope you choose this support to take the next step of waking up and growing up to relieve suffering at its root and live from your true nature. 

I look forward to seeing you there... Loch 

Effortless Mindfulness: Deepening Your Practice 

with Loch Kelly

  • Live 2-hour teaching and Q&A sessions with Loch every other week over 3 months
  • 6 sessions: 11/10, 11/24, 12/8, 12/22, 1/5, 1/19
  • Optional peer groups meeting alternate weeks on convenient days and times
  • Recordings of all sessions will be available in the member's area
  • Recordings of the glimpse practices from each session will be available as separate videos for your ease of use
  • Sessions will meet on Zoom Tuesdays  10a-12p PST/1p-3p EST/7p-9p CET





Partial scholarships are available to support people in economic distress. Email financialsupport@beinganddoing.online

More feedback from Loch's most recent course

Profoundly transformational, this course allowed me to experience the living, loving sea of awareness in progressively deeper stages. We were supported by Loch, a kind and profoundly accepting guide, and a wonderful community of fellow explorers. Loch's democratic, non-judgmental approach was deeply empowering. The community interactions were very warm, fun, and beautiful. I'd like this course to continue for the rest of my life. Sue R

I have been meditating for decades. I've came across Effortless Mindfulness less the a year ago and meditating with Loch has had a bigger impact on my life then any other meditation that I've practiced. I've been seeker most of my life. Now I feel I found it. Marijana D

Loch Kelly provides a simple way to step outside the workings of the ego structure and experience a completely different view of reality. Once you have tasted a non egoic space even for a moment you will know you have a found a key to a doorway which opens into a whole new world to inhabit. Some might say heaven on earth.  ~ Stephen

After decades of meditation, Loch Kelly’s Effortless Mindfulness teaching has shown me a door I’ve been needing. He has clarified a simple set of steps to practice that shift into a new freedom. It’s a state of ease and comfort while handling everyday life. Priceless wider view of a way to “Be and Do” .....a place of peace in a crazy world. So thankful for the practical insight offered with a sense of play.  Linda w

This stuff is powerful! Loch is superb at listening to students' questions and sending his answers right to where each student needs the help.  Ann M

Loch knows how to make accessible the profound pointing teachings of mahamudra/ dzogchen in a way that is in total integrity. It is very clearly not about him but about our experiences of awakening awareness, beautiful! Alix R

FAQs / Commonly Asked Questions

What are the dates and times of this course?
Live sessions will be held on the following Tuesdays from 10a-12p PDT/1p-3p EDT/7p-9p CET: 11/10, 11/24, 12/8, 12/22, 1/5, 1/19. Please check your time zone.

How do I access my course?
After you register, you will receive an email with access instructions. If you don’t see a confirmation email be sure to check your Junk and promotional folders. If you have any issues just email customer service.

Is this course advised for beginners?
It is suggested that you read Loch's book and practice with some glimpses on his site or on YouTube to be prepared for this course. It will familiarize you with the basic language and orientation of practice.

What if I miss a live session?
No problem. You will have ongoing access to replays of all sessions and guided glimpse practices. Recordings will be posted on the Wednesday following the sessions.

What is your guarantee policy?
If you want to leave the course for any reason, send us an email within 10 days of the start of the course to request an unconditional refund.

How can I reach Customer Service?
You can reach customer service by emailing: support@beinganddoing.online. We respond quickly.