More and more of us are waking up from the dream of being separate from reality and from each other. We are becoming wiser, more empathic, more creative, and more capable than we’ve known ourselves to be. Our hearts are breaking open into compassion and calling us toward kindness, justice and purpose. 

So how shall we live? While we’re clarifying and deepening our awakening, we still have work to do, family and friends to care for, lovers to love, projects to launch, traumas to heal, and a planet in crisis!

Dive into the paradox of being & doing. Awaken into the creative field of possibility that makes humans so amazing. Join us for practice, inspiration and down to earth guidance.  Quicken your evolution – to live your most authentic life and to share your unique gifts with the rest of us.

Upcoming Event

the being & doing conference

awakening creativity

september 27th – october 1st 2021

10 masterclasses + 40 mini-workshops. all online. all free.

discover catalysts for enhancing massive creativity in every domain of your life

“because the future hasn’t happened yet”

some of the teachers & speakers who have presented at our recent events

Recent Events & Programs

Deep Flow Conference

Getting into flow states involves getting out from under the influence of your inhibited, self-critical, conditioned, thought-based mind. Our most positive, satisfying, impactful possibilities as people unfold when this connection is wide open.

Practicing in the Midst

This live two-day online gathering was launched in response to the early days of the pandemic. 12 extraordinary teachers  explored how challenging times can be a powerful catalyst for personal and collective evolution. 

Being & Doing Summit

Several teachers guided us toward direct recognition of our true nature beneath the noise of ego which obscures it. We were given the tools and insights to bring this awakening into our work, relationships and the wider world.

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Highlights from the Deep Flow Conference

This past October, Being & Doing hosted the Deep Flow Conference & Workshops. Many of you joined in and participated in some extraordinary live presentations. The event brought together teachers of awakening, peak performance gurus, artists, business leaders, monks, musicians and an improv comedian!

In all, Jeff interviewed 15 brilliant and lovely people. For this eBook we’ve excerpted some highlights from each – Steven Kotler, Michael Beckwith, Karen Johnson, Patricia Albere, Jeffery Martin, Tami Simon, Paul Austin, Loch Kelly, Craig Hamilton, Katie Goodman, Rick Barrett, Diane Allen, Martin Aylward, Terry Patten, and Cameron Norsworthy.

How it looks to us.

Human beings can awaken to far more freedom, wisdom, compassion and courage than we’ve mostly been taught.

When our circumstances allow, we want to live engaged and accomplished lives which express our deepest values.

We are each utterly unique and we grow most profoundly when we align with our own inner guidance.

When we look at this world with un-jaded eyes, we see that we are alive in and as a dazzling interconnected mystery.

Most of us are busy and don’t need more media to consume. We need brilliant curation and personalized experiences.

While we’re at it, we’d might as well have 

some fun.

Our Blog

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