More and more of us are waking up from the dream of being separate from reality and from each other. We are becoming wiser, more empathic, more creative, and more capable than we’ve known ourselves to be. Our hearts are breaking open into compassion and calling us toward kindness, justice and purpose. 

So how shall we live? While we’re clarifying and deepening our awakening, we still have work to do, family and friends to care for, lovers to love, traumas to heal, and a planet in crisis!

Dive into the paradox of Being & Doing. Awaken into the creative field of possibility that makes humans such magical beings. Join our extraordinary teachers for practice, grace, heart-opening inspiration and down to earth guidance.  Quicken your evolution – to live your most authentic life and to share your soul’s unique gifts.

Events & Programs

Effortless Mindfulness Deepening Your Practice

6-session LIVE online course starting November 10th. Every other week for 3 months with optional peer groups on alternating weeks. For those who want to go into depth with glimpse practices and get fine-tuned guidance from Loch.

Deep Flow Conference Replay Access

All methods involve getting out from under the influence of your inhibited, self-critical, conditioned, thought-based mind. Our most positive, satisfying, impactful possibilities as people unfold when this connection is wide open.

Our Past Events

Practicing in the Midst

Challenging times can be a powerful catalyst for personal and collective evolution. Deepening Presence,  compassion and resilience with 12 amazing teachers.

Effortless Mindfulness Practice Community

Shift from ego-bound self to open-hearted, fully embodied flow in live, interactive sessions. 8-session LIVE online course with Loch Kelly, award winning author of The Way of Effortless Mindfulness and teacher of embodied awakening

Being & Doing Summit 2019

25 extraordinary teachers sharing inspiration and guidance to deepen your awakening and express it fully in your life