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Practicing in the Midst

Deepening Presence, Compassion and Resilience

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Greetings friends...

We’ve all got to follow best practices for staying safe and taking care of each other during the pandemic. This online gathering is about best practices for your inner life. 

How can you rest in your own presence and non-reactivity? How can you open in compassion and let your heart's intelligence guide your actions? How can you stay open to your experience - not grabbing onto your emotion but not bypassing it either? How can your struggles deepen your practice and bring forward new capacities?

This Being & Doing gathering will give you a chance to hear from some extraordinary, open-hearted, generous mentors. The teachers will all be live - guiding practices, taking questions and joining with you in a supportive field of collective presence. Use this opportunity to help you stay open and free inside of yourself, to nourish your resilience, and to connect with a powerful community of like-minded souls.

Jeff Charno, Being & Doing Host


Awakening in the Midst Videos

Get your summit started now with this free download of Awakening in the Midst videos. 

Loch Kelly, Craig Hamilton, Caverly Morgan, Diana Winston

These aren't ordinary guided meditations. These four short programs lead you to shift directly into natural awakened awareness - glimpses of your deeper essence.

PRACTICING IN THE MIDST is a free two-day LIVE online gathering bringing together 12 extraordinary teachers with a community of thousands of people.  Challenging times can be a powerful catalyst for personal and collective evolution. Come join with us in practice and shared presence.


You will learn to rest in your already awakened nature. A subtle shift opens you to freedom from the endless agitation of your mind. Touch into your deep heart and let it energize your responses to outer events.


Inquiry, mindfulness, and radical acceptance,  can each open  doorways into unseen dimensions of your soul. Release what isn't serving you and let your true nature lead the day.


Feeling like separate beings is a mistaken perception. Our interdependence and connection, usually buried in the background, has become more palpable than ever. We're in these lives together. 

Teaching Schedule for the Live Gathering

Talks, Practices and Q&A

Recordings of the live sessions will be made available for 24 hours. You can also purchase the recordings for a small cost.

MONDAY - May 11th, 2020


12 PM EDT | 9:00 AM PDT

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Effortless Mindfulness Teacher, Psychotherapist, and Author

"The important thing is to find the Self that has the capacity to bear what seemed to be unbearable, the self that can be present with all of our parts unconditionally."


1:30 PM EDT | 10:30 AM PDT

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Meditation Teacher, Nonprofit Leader, and Visionary

"It’s through the recognition of oneness that we can be compelled to engage - to express our understanding that we are a ‘We.’ This isn’t ‘I’ vs. ‘You.’ The subject/object relationship is the ultimate myth. It is the ultimate distortion. Liberation is freedom from this distortion."


3:00 PM EDT | 12:00 PM PDT

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Contemporary Meditation Teacher, Bestselling Author

“Fall in love with where you are. Turn towards this – a sacred moment, unrepeatable. Trust the ebb and flow of things. Say yes to uncertainty and the unresolvedness of your life.” 


4:30 PM EDT | 1:30 PM PDT

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Founder of the Diamond Approach To Self-Realization

"Our Inner Core is not touched
by the accidents of time. We live in the present situation guided by true inner conscience, to safeguard our health and inner realization, and to help each other and the global community to minimize the severity of the crisis.
We are in this all together."


6:00 PM EDT | 3:00 PDT

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Spiritual Teacher, Founder of Integral Enlightenment

"We’ve all heard that if we want to spiritually awaken, we have to learn how to let go. If you’re like most of us, you probably can’t think of a time when your ability to let go was being tested more than it is right now. How can we leverage the unique power of this moment to learn how to let go of control without losing control?"


7:30 PM EDT | 4:30 PDT

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 Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute

“Integration—the balancing of differentiation and linkages—is the basis for optimal regulation that enables us to flow between chaos and rigidity, the core process that helps us flourish and thrive. Health comes from integration. It’s that simple, and that important”

TUESDAY - May 12th, 2020


12:00 PM EDT | 9:00 PDT

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Founder of Gateway, Spiritual Facilitator

"“It really makes sense for us to be kind and compassionate and give ourselves a breather of digesting in between all of the living that is taking place. Give yourself a moment to just deal with how you feel right now.”


 1:30 PM EDT | 10:30 PM PDT

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Wellbeing Research Professor, Director of Transformative Technology Lab

"The world's largest scientific research project into fundamental well-being, sometimes called enlightenment, reveals the methods which actually work."


3:00 PM EDT | 12:00 PM PDT

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Author, activist, authorized Lama (Buddhist Teacher) and founder of Bhumisparsha Sangha

"Mourning our broken hearts is the path to liberation and it is the door into a new world of being. We all have to be doing our work.
Often the question I get asked, is how you figure out what your work is to begin with."


4:30 PM EDT | 1:30 PM PDT

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Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA, Author

"Saying yes means surrendering to your experience, whatever it is. It means feeling your body when you’re in the midst of a strong reaction or emotion... and noticing that thoughts and feelings come and go."


6:00 PM EDT | 3:00 PM PDT

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Founder of Evolutionary Collective, Bestselling Author

"Right now, it feels more important than ever to come together and actively find our oneness, our goodness and our capacity to live a higher order of love as a social reality."


7:30 PM EDT | 4:30 PM PDT

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Founder of Sounds True, A Multi-Media Publisher

“When you live life at altitude and then trip and fall — which we all do every day — you have a long way to fall and you may kill yourself. But if you’re standing on the ground, you can fall again and again and simply get up, dust yourself off, and take the next step.”

Practicing in the Midst

Being & Doing is committed to creating opportunities for people to come together to practice, to celebrate community, and to recognize unending mystery and beauty (even when the sky appears to be falling).

In case you miss some sessions and to accommodate our global audience the online live-stream will have a 24-hour replay on Wednesday, May 13th in every timezone. You can also purchase the recordings for a small cost.

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