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Live May 11-12 and replays on May 13

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Practicing in the Midst

Deepening Presence, Compassion and Resilience in Times of Great Change

This LIVE online gathering is about best practices for your inner life during challenging times. The sessions are live-streamed on May 11th and 12th and then replays are available for 24 hours on the 13th.

How can you rest in your own presence and non-reactivity? How can you open in compassion and let your heart’s intelligence guide your actions? How can you stay open to your experience – not grabbing onto your emotion but not bypassing it either? How can your struggles deepen your practice and bring forward new capacities? 

The teachers will all be live, offering practices, perspectives and answering questions: Hameed Ali, Craig Hamilton, Dan Siegel, Caverly Morgan, Jeffery A. Martin, Loch Kelly, Tami Simon, Lama Rod Owens, Jeff Foster, Aisha Salem, Patricia Albere, and Diana Winston. 

Sponsors include Sounds True, Shambhala Publications, Evolving Wisdom, Spirituality & Health, Tiny Buddha, Inner Traditions, We the World, Humanity’s Team, and many more.

Price:  $87/147

Commissions:  50%

LIVE weekly sessions starting May 26th

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Effortless Mindfulness: Tools for Awakening in the Midst with Loch Kelly

A LIVE 6-Part, experiential course blending teaching segments with guided glimpses of awakening. Q&A explores how to clarify awakening and how to stabilize it over time. Psychological obstacles to this effortless mindful state will be explored including working with difficult emotions and uncertainty.

Includes six live one-hour sessions, six weekly teaching videos, free download of Effortless Mindfulness chapter one. Recordings will be available for any missed sessions.

Loch Kelly, M.Div., LCSW, is an author, meditation teacher, psychotherapist, and founder of the 501c3 non-profit, Open-Hearted Awareness Institute. Loch teaches in a non-sectarian human being lineage using an adult education style based in the earliest non-dual wisdom traditions, modern science and psychotherapy. Loch’s work is to help people access awakening as the next natural stage of human development.

Price:  $197/$297

Commissions:  40%

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